Here's an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to buying brand new furniture for your student house.  We can loan you upcycled used furniture for the academic year and collect it when you finish.  Uncycled furniture is also available to buy for students and everyone else.
House clearing and upcycling/furniture repair also available to landlords.
Get Household Essentials in a Cost Effective Sustainable Way!

If you have furniture or household items in your house that you don't want to take with you, why haul it to the dump when we could collect it free of charge? Be good to the environment by allowing us to upcycle it and pass it on. It'll make your house easier to clean and keep your landlord happy.

Welcome to the Brighton!

If you're looking for a cheap and environmentally friendly way to furnish your house and get the household items you need, you can borrow them from us for the whole academic year and we will collect them free of charge at the end of your last semester.

 Why throw away perfectly good but tired looking furniture and household items when we can upcycle or repair them for you? Save money and protect the environment by letting up upcycle your items for you or by purchasing some of our upcycled items rather than buying new ones.
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Student Plus

The 'Student Plus' project aims to gives students in Brighton a cheaper and more sustainable way to get the furniture and household items they need for their time in student accommodation.


Students moving to Brighton can order the things they need from us and we will deliver when you arrive.  When you're ready to leave at the end of the year, we can collect anything you've borrowed or any furniture you would like to get rid of.  For students and non-students who would like to buy good quality upcycled goods, please feel free to browse our selection.  We also upcycle or repair furniture to order.



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