Tenants often move out leaving unwanted furniture behind or, if you are renting a property furnished, tenants came sometimes leave furniture broken and tatty.  Rather than paying to have this furniture removed, sending it landfill or buying expensive brand new furniture, we can either upcycle it for you and return it or take it away to upcycle and sell on.  We also have some great quality upcycled household items to buy at very reasonable prices.  Please feel free to email us for a quote on upcycling your household items.

Disposing of unwanted furniture and other household items left behind by tenants can be time-consuming, expensive and bad for the environment as it often ends up on landfill.  To combat this, we will collect unwanted homeware and furniture free of charge to upcycle and sell on.  We offer this service to landlords, letting agents, tenants and homeowners.

Why buy new furniture and send the old items to landfill, which is bad for the environment, when we can repair and/or upcycle it for you?  We repair, sand, paint, wax and restyle furniture to either return to you or sell on.  Please email for a quote.